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  • Welcome to the Yale School of Medicine Section of Digestive Diseases. Our program has a long history of excellence in clinical care, research and education. Since forming one of the nation's first sections of hepatology and then gastroenterology over 50 years ago, the Yale Digestive Diseases Section has had an enduring and continuing impact on fundamental and clinical investigation in digestive and liver disorders.

  • The Yale School of Medicine Section of Digestive Diseases traces its roots back to 1947, when Dr. Gerald Klatskin performed the first liver biopsy at Yale. Shortly thereafter he founded the Liver Study Unit, which was the first such unit in the country. Dr. Klatskin's efforts were complemented in 1955, when Dr. Howard Spiro was recruited here to found the Gastroenterology Unit. Dr. Spiro directed this unit for nearly three decades, during which time he founded the Yale Affiliated Gastroenterology Program, the forerunner of our Department's Yale Affiliated Hospitals Program.

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