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YCAAD Research Program

Photo by Robert A. Lisak
Laboratory scientist, Susan He, plays a crucial role in research. She performs complex biological tests on numerous blood and sputum samples supplied by voluntary subjects. By utilizing microscopes, cell counters, and other sophisticated laboratory equipment, Susan is able to analyze the samples and relay the resulting data to physicians so they have an improved vision of how to deal with the disease.
Yale-New Haven Hospital is the largest referral center in the state and YCAAD is the only dedicated adult asthma center in the region. The Center receives over 3000 visits a year and is the hub of the clinical/translational research program at Yale. As Director of YCAAD, Dr. Geoffrey Chupp has developed a clinical research protocol, The Mechanisms and Mediators of Asthma and COPD (HIC 12268), that has recruited over 400 airway disease subjects to donate samples to the YCAAD repository and participate in YCAAD research activities. The evolution of this research protocol dovetailed with the clinical program, creating a unique system that efficiently recruits patients into clinical study protocols. This protocol has resulted in the development of a large sample repository of clinical and physiologic data, DNA, plasma and lung specimens from asthmatics that are stable or flaring (including the intensive care unit). All the data is uploaded into a powerful web-based database. The information enters the system in real-time and is used to advance the understanding of the causes of Asthma and Airway Disease.