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Collaborating with other institutions focused on education, research and health services. These partnerships provide opportunities for:

  1. Collaboration to identify and address partners’ community needs.
  2. Supervised clinical rotations for medical students and residents.
  3. Structured clinical rotations for faculty and career physicians.
  4. Training of faculty from our partner institutions in the skills and knowledge required to meet the needs of their communities.
  5. Structured clinical and research training.
  6. Conducting clinically relevant and ethically sound research.

Working within departments and schools at Yale to:

  1. Advocate for global heath training and education at Yale School of Medicine and Yale University
  2. Develop interdisciplinary clinical, training and research projects
  3. Create a joint curriculum in global health for students and clinical trainees

Supporting didactic courses in global health and tropical diseases for students and residents, including such topics as common diseases found in resource-poor areas of the world; population and environment; economics and poverty; and gender and culture.