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Getting Started

Action from Research

Your research process can be broken down into three phases:

Laying the Foundation for Research

  • Plan how results of the research will be used for action and understand the impact of the results.
    • Identify post-project roles of you and your partner.
    • Identify key stakeholders interested in results.
    • Brainstorm the dissemination process (roles, products and avenues of dissemination, etc.)

Capacity Building & Research Collection

  • Find ways to increase research capacity of CBO for future research
  • Train CBO staff on research, e.g. data collection and analysis

Finalizing your Research

  • Data Dissemination
    • Work to disseminate data to community and academic institutions
    • Present at scientific or community conferences and publish scientific journals. Promote work through press releases, newsletters, local media, etc.
    • Communicate findings to necessary stakeholders
  • Adding to your Research
    • Mobilize leaders and residents around an issue.
    • Develop an on-going collaboration and design a longer-term work plan within the research partnership you created. Also identify additional stakeholders or partners.
    • Identify program, necessary policy needs, etc.
  • Maintaining Relationships
    • Stay in regular communication with your partners.
    • Continue to support your community partner outside of your research through publicizing and supporting their initiatives, advocacy work, etc.
    • Give and get regular updates from your partner on research.

A Discussion on Equity v. Equality

  • Equality, in the context of a research partnership, is where each party’s interests and desires are not only respected, but met to a reasonable degree rather than the dominance of one party’s needs. Furthermore, these interests and desires are continuously respected and upheld throughout the various stages of the research process.
  • Equity, in the context of a research partnership, is when all parties are given what they need to succeed and flourish.