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Faculty, students, residents, and fellows affiliated with the Program for Humanities in Medicine are dedicated to publishing scholarly work and research in peer-reviewed journals and in other publications. This list includes recent publications as well as conference presentations and workshops.

Recent scholarship by current and former medical students, house staff, and affiliated faculty.


Zoe Adams, Anna Reisman. In Reply to Dr. Manoj Goyal and Dr. Monika Bansal, “Approaching Critical Medical Humanities with Theatre of the Oppressed.” In press, Academic Medicine, August 2021.

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Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako. Lessons to learn from Reggie: the importance of medical humanities. 9.9.2019.

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Andi Shahu, Alyssa Thomas, Eli Neustatder, Anna Reisman. Practical tips for implementing a student-led reflective writing workshop series. Medical Science Educator. 2019, 29: 863–869.

A selection of recent peer-reviewed workshops presented at national and regional conferences by Program for Humanities in Medicine students, trainees, and affiliated faculty:

Making the Invisible Visible: Exploring Bias Through Art: presented (in different versions) at multiple regional and national conferences, including Health Humanities Consortium International Conference, 2021; American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Annual Meeting, 2020; American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, 2021; Society of General Internal Medicine 2019, 2017

  • Various presenters, including: Kenneth Morford, MD; Joana Andoh; Anna Reisman, MD; Nientara Anderson, MD; Zoe Adams; Robert Rock, MD; Sydney Green; Melinda Wang, MD

Peer-Led Reflective Writing Workshops for Medical Students: Utilizing Health Humanities to Support Student Wellness: presented (in different versions) at Health Humanities Consortium International Conference, 2021; Society of General Internal Medicine National Meeting, 2017; Society of General Internal Medicine Northeast Regional Meeting, 2016.

  • Various presenters, including: Nensi Ruzgar; Amanda Zhou; Andi Shahu, MD; Alyssa Thomas, MD; Lorenzo Sewanan, MD; Anna Reisman, MD; Daniel Zheng, MD; Jack Turban, MD; Danilo Rojas-Velasquez, MD; Priscilla Wang, MD; Mona Guo, MD; and others

The White Space: How Portraiture Affects Belonging and Well-being in Academic Medical Spaces: presented at Health Humanities Consortium International Conference, 2021

  • Presented by: Nientara Anderson, MD; Elizabeth Fitzsousa, MD; Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako, MD; Anna Reisman, MD