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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a sample?

Within Yale Health Systems:

Core Laboratory

Attn: DNA Lab

55 Park Street

5th Floor

New Haven, CT 06510

Outside Yale Health Systems:

DNA Diagnostics Lab

Yale University School of Medicine

SHM I323

333 Cedar Street

New Haven, CT 06520-8005

Please contact the DNA Diagnostic lab to confirm that we have received the sample.

Samples may be delivered to the Core Laboratory or to the Diagnostic Lab (after hours, samples must be hand-delivered to the Core Laboratory).

What are the sample requirements?


  • 1 to 5 ml preferably in EDTA (lavender tube) at room temperature
  • Also acceptable: ACD (yellow tube), Heparin (green tube)


  • Oragene kits at room temperature
  • Collected per manufacturer’s instructions in the presence of a medical professional

Other Specimen Types

  • Our lab can work with a variety of different samples upon request. Please contact the lab (Phone: 203-785-5745) for questions and to make special arrangements for sample types other than the ones listed above.
How will I receive results?

Upon completion of testing, results will be faxed to referring providers and uploaded to the MEDIA section of EPIC as "Genetic Scan" for patients registered in EPIC.

Patients seeking test results must contact their physician for test results. The lab only reports results of testing to the ordering physician.

Does the lab perform maternity or paternity testing?

This lab does not perform maternity or paternity testing. Please consult your medical professional with questions.

Do you do familial variant testing?

This lab will perform testing for familial variants as a Single Site test. When ordering please provide information on the variant of interest and, if possible, a positive control. For those ordering through EPIC please select “Single Gene Analysis (DNA LAB) (YMG)” and in the comment field specify the familial variant and if their family member was previously tested in our lab.