Electron Microscopy

Biological electron microscopy

The Biological EM facility is a full-service core facility that is administrated and supported by the Yale University School of Medicine. Our mission is to provide high-quality electron microscopy services with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. We are open to all faculty, staff and students on entire Yale campus, also to off-campus investigators and users.

The facility is located in the Sterling Hall of Medicine, Room IE26.

We offer a wide range of services from conventional and immuno- electron microscopy to electron tomography. Our experienced staff routinely perform sample processing, sectioning and imaging for a set fee. Alternatively, our facility is open to users who have had prior training in electron microscopy. The training on use of electron microscope and sample preparation is provided on a one-on-one basis throughout the year.

People who wish to start an EM project and/or access to the facility equipment should contact facility director Xinran Liu at (203) 785-4050 or by email at xinran.liu@yale.edu.

Cryo electron microscopy

Born out of an initiative to strengthen structural biology at the Yale School of Medicine, the Cryo electron microscopy facility was initially established by the Departments of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Physiology. It has been directly supported by the Yale School of Medicine to provide Yale faculty and staff with access to state-of-the-art imaging capabilities for the structural biological complexes.

Because of the complex nature of cryo EM projects, this facility does not offer direct services. Instead, interested investigators usually meet with the Director to discuss feasibility of the project. Based on this initial assessment, new users are trained by facility staff until they are able to use the equipment independently. Where necessary, further advice and training in digital image processing can be provided in a collaborative setting. Further information please contact facility director Xinran Liu at (203) 785-4050 or by email at xinran.liu@yale.edu, or Marc Llaguno (203) 785-5902 or by email at marc.llaguno@yale.edu.

Yale University has implemented a Titan Krios cryoEM facility at West Campus, this high-end microscope is equipped with a Gatan GIF Quantum LS imaging filter and Volta phase plates. It has two direct electron detectors, a Falcon 3EC (pre-GIF) and a K2 summit camera (post-GIF) suitable for single particle or cryo electron tomography projects. Further information, please contact the Krios facility manager Shenping Wu at shenping.wu@yale.edu, or Marc Llaguno (203) 785-5902, email at marc.llaguno@yale.edu.


The CCMI EM Core Facility is supported by Yale Medical School, we are here to support your research. Your appropriate recognition is very important to us, please acknowledge our staff effort and/or use of the facility equipment in your publications. Thank you!