Biological EM facility services:

  • Sample processing, embedding in resin
  • Ultramicrotomy of plastic sections
  • Cryo-sectioning and immuno-gold labeling
  • Negative staining
  • Immuno-electron microscopy
  • Sputter coating
  • Assisting in transmission electron microscopy and digital imaging
  • Consultation and assistance in design of EM experiments
  • Electron tomography: tilt series acquisition, image processing from resin embedded samples
  • SEM sample preparation and imaging

Cryo EM facility services:

We support cryo EM research activities by providing consultation, techniques, training and assisting use of equipment in the facility. The following two types of support are currently available, any parties interested in using cryo EM facility should contact the facility director, Xinran Liu.

For independent users

The EM facility recommends that a lab member be assigned to a cryoEM project due to its complex nature and long-term commitment. The point person will be trained and tested on the T12 TEM and expected to operate independently for at least 20 hours.  Subsequent training and testing on the F20 FEG TEM and cryo-sample preparation should enable the user to perform cryoEM experiments on their own. With practice, users at this level are able to operate the microscopes and image samples independently. Once they have demonstrated sufficient expertise on the equipment, they are authorized to work during off hours or on weekends.

For collaborating users

Users have discussed the project with the EM Facility and established a system of collaboration. There will be a trial period in which the feasibility of the project will be evaluated. If the project is deemed reasonable, the staff will provide substantial guidance and assistance to the project which can include data collection and analysis.