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James Cai

VP, Head of Computational Biology and Digital Sciences, Ridgefield Global Head of Computational Biology Therapeutic Areas I&R, CIIM

Dr. James Cai is the VP, Head of Computational Biology and Digital Sciences at BI’s Ridgefield site in the US, and Global Head of Computational Biology in Immunology, Respiratory (I&R), Cancer Immunotherapy and Immunoregulation (CIIM), responsible for applying state-of-the-art computational approach and data-driven insights to our current and next-generation drug pipeline to eventually benefit patients with unmet medical needs. James has been an innovative leader in drug discovery and development for the past 20 years, passionate about creating value from complex data, advanced analytics, and collaboration. Before joining BI, Dr. James Cai was the head of Data Science at Roche Innovation Center New York since 2014, focusing on value creation using human disease data in Early Clinical Development and Translational Research. Prior to that, he spent more than a decade at the Roche Nutley site in NJ, then the US headquarter of Roche Pharma, leading various Bioinformatics and Data Science teams. As a champion of innovative technologies, he helped Roche in the development of many modern analytic capabilities in drug discovery and development, including the first large scale whole exome sequence analysis pipeline, the introduction of NLP and text analytics, and later Real World Data (RWD), scRNA-seqanalysis, and AI/Deep Learning. James holds a Ph.D. in Molecular & Cell Biology from Cornell University and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Informatics from Columbia University.