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Pathway analysis of proteomics or transcriptomics data: Part 2 Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) Preranked (In-Person)

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A simplified, faster-to-run version of GSEA.

If you are frustrated because after running a differential analysis, no individual gene meets the threshold for statistical significance, or you have a long list of differentially expressed genes without any unifying biological theme, then this workshop is for you. We will use a list of differentially expressed genes to run GSEA Preranked.

The goals of the session are:

  • To learn how to prepare your data and files for running GSEA Preranked
  • To learn about Molecular Signature Database (MSigDB).
  • To learn how to run GSEA Preranked analysis, the Leading-edge analysis, and results interpretation.
  • Send and visualize the results using the Enrichment Map app.
  • Understand the relevance of the results statistical vs biological.


Download and install the GSEA desktop version on your laptop.

Download and install Cytoscape software

A tutorial dataset will be made available to all registrants.



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Free: Open; Registration is required.


Apr 20236Thursday