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CBDS Single Cell Research in Progress Seminar: “Longitudinal Profiling Reveals Differential Immune Responses in Asymptomatic or Severe Infection with West Nile Virus”

“Longitudinal profiling reveals differential immune responses in asymptomatic or severe infection with West Nile Virus”

Ho-Joon Lee, PhD Associate Research Scientist, Department of Genetics, Yale Center for Genome Analysis

Yujiao Zhao, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate, Internal Medicine

Montgomery Lab
Yale University

Host: Ruth R Montgomery, PhD
Professor of Medicine, Director, CyTOF facility


Infection with West Nile Virus (WNV) can cause a wide range of patient responses from completely asymptomatic to mild illness with fever or severe cases with encephalitis and sometimes death. To identify cellular and molecular signatures distinguishing such responses, we profiled these cohorts of patients from acute WNV infection through convalescence (3 months and 1 year). We conducted high resolution paired single cell analysis of protein markers from whole blood by multiparameter CyTOF and single cell transcriptional profiles from peripheral blood mononuclear cells using Seq-Well. Our study highlights the power of multiple cell-type and cell-state-specific analyses for defining pathways relevant for successful viral clearance and recovery.




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