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How to Get Involved

We welcome your interest in the Yale Center for Brain & Mind Health. If you would like to get involved or be informed about news relating to the Yale Center for Brain and Mind Health, please fill out our Membership Request Form or email and we will add you to our contact list. The center will periodically release calls for new members.

CBMH Conversations

CBMH has started a monthly series of CBMH Conversations, in which we seek to bring together members of our community who share an interest in a selected topic but may not be aware of each other’s work.

We want the topics of these Conversations be generated by the community – by you. The ideal topic is of medium scope—not so specific and technical that you probably already know everyone in our community who works in the area, but not so broad that the conversation becomes too diffuse. Conversations can focus on particular areas of research, diagnoses or disease processes, specific neural or mental functions, or technical approaches and tools. We are open both to unstructured discussions and to brief presentations/chalk talks followed by group reaction and feedback. Our hope is that these Conversations will initiate discussions that would not otherwise have happened and will seed new interdisciplinary collaborations and grant applications.

We need your input on what you would like to see included in future Conversations. We have created a Qualtrics survey to collect your ideas.

Please let us know:

  1. What topic would you like to discuss?
  2. Are there specific CBMH members you would particularly want to attend?
  3. Are you interested in leading the session?

We look forward to hearing from you.