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Storm Policy

As a child care provider for families who are front line medical personnel, it is the goal of our program to always open regardless of weather.

If the University closes due to weather, or if a State of Emergency is declared in New Haven and/or the State of Connecticut, we will unfortunately be forced to close.

Otherwise, the Executive Director will make the determination as early as possible regarding any possible delays or cancellations due to inclement weather. This decision will be based on the condition of the roads in New Haven, and the ability of teachers outside of New Haven to be able to leave their homes.

Parents are asked to notify the Executive Director as soon as they have made the decision to either keep their children home or delay their arrival. This will enable us to determine if we have enough staff available to open for the number of families that need care.

An alert will be sent out through our parent communication system notifying parents of a closure or delayed opening by 6:00 am (most likely earlier).

On days when there is a forecast for inclement weather starting during our hours of operation, all parents must provide their child’s teachers at drop off with numbers where they may be reached during the day. Again, Bodel will close when the University closes, or may otherwise decide on an early dismissal to ensure everyone’s safe travel home. You must be prepared to pick up your child within one hour of any notifications of early dismissal.

We highly recommend that you create a back-up child care plan before you need it.

rev. 1.13.2022