Kimberly A. Davis MD MBA, FACS, FCCM

Professor of Surgery (Trauma); Chief of the Section of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care and Surgical Emergencies; Vice Chairman, Clinical Affairs, Department of Surgery; Trauma Director, Yale-New Haven Hospital; Surgical Director, Performance and Quality Improvement, Yale-New Haven Hospital

Research Interests

Inflammation; Infection; Ventilator associated pneumonia; Sepsis; Shock; Resuscitation trauma systems; Trauma outcomes; Performance improvement and outcomes

Selected Publications

  • Ditillo MF, Davis KA. Appendicitis. In: Luchette FL and Yelon JA (Eds), Geriatric Trauma and Emergency Care. New York: Springer, 2014.
  • Maxfield M, Schuster KM, Bokhari J, McGillicuddy EA, Davis KA. “Predictive factors for failure of non-operative management in perforated appendicitis.” Journal of Trauma, 2014, 76, 976-981.
  • Schuster KM, Barre K, Inzucchi SE, Udelsman R, Davis KA. “Continuous glucose monitoring in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit: Concordance with capillary glucose.” Journal of Trauma, 2014, 76, 798-803.
  • Ditillo MF, Pandit V, Rhee P, Aziz H, Bhattacharya B, Friese RS, Davis KA, Joseph B. “Obesity predisposes trauma patients to worse outcomes: A National Trauma Data Bank analysis.” Journal of Trauma, 2014, 76, 176-179.
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  • Fonseca AL. Schuster KM, Maung AA. Kaplan LJ, Lui FY, Davis KA. “Routine nasogastric decompression in small bowel obstruction: Is it really necessary?” American Surgeon, 2013, 79, 422-428.
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