Bauer Sumpio MD, PhD, FACS

Professor of Surgery (Vascular) and of Diagnostic Radiology; Chief, Vascular Surgery; Program Director, Vascular Surgery Fellowship Program; Program Director, Vascular Surgery Residency Training Program; Associate Director, Graduate Medical Education

Biographical Info

Dr. Bauer Sumpio received his medical degree in 1980 and his Ph.D. in Physiology in 1981 from Cornell University Medical College in New York. From 1981 to 1986 he was involved in post-graduate training in General Surgery at Yale University and from 1986 to 1987 he underwent fellowship training in Vascular Surgery at the University of North Carolina. Dr. Sumpio then returned to Yale University School of Medicine, Section of Vascular Surgery, as a faculty member and as Chief of Vascular Surgery at the VA Connecticut. In 1994, he was promoted to Full-Professor with tenure and was named as Vice-chairman of the Department of Surgery and the Chief of Vascular Surgery at Yale. His professional society memberships include the American Surgical Association, International College of Angiology, Society for Vascular Surgery, American College of Cardiology, Society for Vascular Medicine and Biology, American College of Surgeons, Society for University Surgeons, European Society for Vascular Surgery, Biomedical Engineering Society, American Heart Association and the American Physiological Society. He is a past Chair of the Research Council of the Society for Vascular Surgery and Secretary of the Association of Program Directors of Vascular Surgery. He has been on the editorial board of several journals, including the Journal of Vascular Surgery, Journal of American College of Surgeons, and Cell Transplantation. He has had continuous research funding from the National Institutes of Health, the Veterans Administration and the American Heart Association since 1988 for his studies on the role of hemodynamics and vascular disease. He has published over 285 peer-reviewed papers and has edited and authored 4 books on vascular surgery and biology. Dr. Sumpio is the proud recipient of many prestigious honors and awards such as Best Doctor in NY 2006-2010 just to name a few. Dr. Bauer E. Sumpio is currently a tenured Professor of Surgery and Radiology at Yale University School of Medicine, the Chief of Vascular Surgery at the Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Director of the Yale Center for Vascular Diseases. In addition, he also serves as Program Director of Vascular Surgery Fellowship Program and the newly accredited Integrated Residency in Vascular Surgery.

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International Activity

  • Arterial Wall Biology
    Dr. Sumpio is working with Asahikawa Medical College on an ongoing scientific collaboration designed to study the effects of hemodynamic forces on arterial wall biology.
  • Atherosclerosis Etiology
    Professor Sumpio conducts collaborative research with colleagues at Chiba University in Tokyo studying the effects of shear stress on endothelial cell biology, the effects of homocysteine and nicotine on smooth muscle cells, and the etiology of atherosclerosis.
  • Atherosclerosis Risk Factors
    Professor Sumpio conducts a clinical/basic science collaboration with researchers from the University of Athens on the risk factors for atherosclerosis.
  • Gene Therapy
    Dr. Sumpio collaborates on gene therapy options for ischemic legs with Shanghai Medical College's Second Department.
  • Vascular Fellows Exchange Program
    United Kingdom(2008)
    Clinical Exchange Program with Royal Free Hospital
  • Guest Speaker
    Zurndorf, Austria(2002)
    Guest Speaker, European Cardiovascular Surgery Society, “Surgery of the cell-the new frontier for surgeons”
  • Okinawa, Japan(2002)
    Invited faculty, Japanese Society for Vascular Surgery, “Surgical management of acute limb ischemia”
  • Manila, Philippines(2002)
    Guest Speaker, Philippine College of Surgeons, “Endovascular management of vascular trauma”
  • Shanghai, China(2001)
    Invited Speaker, Chinese Society for Vascular Surgery, “Genetic insights on Atherosclerosis”
  • Shanghai, China(2001)
    Visiting Professor, XinHua Hospital, “Foot Ulcers”
  • Hong Kong, China(2001)
    Visiting Professor, Queen Mary Hospital, “Localization of Atherosclerosis”
  • Reykjavik, Iceland(2001)
    Invited Speaker, Scandinavian Society for Vascular Surgery, “Update on Atherosclerosis”, “Vascular Trauma”
  • Invited Speaker
    Jeju, South Korea(2001)
    Invited Speaker, Korean Society for Vascular Surgery, “Update on Gene Therapy for Vascular Disease”
  • Reykjavik, Iceland(2000)
    Invited Speaker, Icelandic Surgical Society, “Is Atherosclerosis a Curable Disease”
  • Reykjavik, Iceland(2000)
    Invited Speaker, Icelandic Surgical Society, “Aggressive management of the diabetic foot”
  • Tokyo, Japan(2000)
    Guest Lecturer, Japan Vascular Surgery Society, “Treatment of Atherosclerosis: Hope for the New Millenium”
  • Invited Speaker
    Malmoe, Sweden(2000)
    European Society for Surgical Research, “Activation of FAK and c-src in vascular endothelial cells by cyclic strain”
  • Invited Visiting Professor
    Arhus, Denmark(2000)
    “Hemodynamic Forces and Vascular Biology”
  • London, United Kingdom(2000)
    Millenium Conference Speaker, European Society for Vascular Surgery, “Cure for Atherosclerosis-Hope of hype?, Royal Geographic Society
  • Toronto, Canada(1999)
    Invited Guest, Toronto and Vicinity Vascular Society, "Multidisciplinary approach to diabetic limb salvage"
  • Toronto, Canada(1999)
    Invited Professor, Toronto General Hospital, "Mechanotransduction in vascular cells"
  • Tokyo, Japan(1999)
    Invited Plenary Speaker, Japan Society for Vascular Surgery, "Can surgeons control the destiny of a vascular graft"
  • Tokyo, Japan(1999)
    Invited Symposium Speaker, Japan Society for Vascular Surgery, "Low molecular weight heparins: the drug for the new millenium"
  • Invited Speaker
    Sapporo, Japan(1999)
    Invited Speaker, International College of Angiology, "Surgery of the cell-hope or hype for angiology"
  • Sendai, Japan(1999)
    Young Investigator Award (Invited Speaker), Japan Surgical Society, "Nitric Oxide Synthase Induction in Endothelial Cells"
  • Rhodes, Greece(1998)
    Invited Speaker, International Society for Heart Research, "Regulation of NOS expression in response to mechanical load in the vascular system"
  • Tokyo, Japan(1998)
    Invited Speaker, International Union of Angiology, "Is the Geometry of a Vascular Anastamosis Important?"
  • Invited Speaker
    Istanbul, Turkey(1997)
    "Vascular disease and biology"
  • Urayasu, Japan(1997)
    Invited Speaker, Japanese Society for Abdominal Emergency Medicine, "Mesenteric Vascular Emergencies: Thoughts for the new millenium"
  • Invited Speaker
    Bordeaux, France; Paris, France(1997)
    International Atherosclerosis Society
  • Invited Speaker
    Baguio, Philippines(1997)
    Philippine Stroke Society
  • Beijing, China(1997)
    Invited Speaker, Asian Vascular Society, "Gene Therapy- Hope or Hype?"
  • Invited Speaker
    Manchester, United Kingdom(1996)
    International Society for Applied Cardiovascular Biology, "Mechanical forces and gene regulation"
  • London, United Kingdom(1996)
    Visiting Lecturer, "Transcriptional regulation by cyclic strain"
  • London, United Kingdom(1996)
    Invited Speaker, "Nitric oxide syntahase gene regulation by cyclic strain"
  • Australia(1996 - 1996)
    Invited Speaker, Australasian Society for Vascular Surgery
  • Asahikawa, Japan(1996)
    Invited Speaker, Japan Society for Vascular Surgery, "Gene therapy for vascular diseases-Does it make sense or anti-sense?"
  • Nagoya, Japan(1995)
    Young Investigator Award (Invited Speaker), Japan Surgical Society, "Effect of pulsatile pressure on endothelial cell proliferation"
  • Nagoya, Japan(1995)
    Invited Speaker, Department of Physiology, "Insights into the coupling of mechanical forces and vascular cell response"
  • Chiba, Japan(1993)
    Visiting Professor, "From Bench to Bedside- How EC Sense Changes in Hemodynamics"
  • Visiting Professor
    Osaka-shi, Japan(1993)
    Visiting Professor, "Mechano-transduction systems in endothelial cells"
  • Beijing, China(1993)
    Invited Speaker, International Vascular Conference, "Effect of mechanical forces on vascular cells"
  • (1993)
    International College of Angiology
  • (1990)
    International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery
  • (1990)
    Eastern Vascular Society
  • (1989)
    European Society for Vascular Surgery
  • Toronto, Canada(1989)
    Presentation- The role of adenylate cyclase in the transduction of pulsatile stretch signals to endothelial cells in culture, International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery, Toronto
  • Presenter
    Toronto, Canada(1987)
    Presentation- Alterations in Endothelial Cell Morphology and Cytoskeletal Proteins During Repetitive Mechanical Stress, International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Montreal, Canada(1987)
    Presentation- Effects of Viscosity and Oncotic Pressure on the Function of Isolated Perfused Rat Kidneys, Shock Society
  • Presenter
    Toronto, Canada(1984)
    Presentation- Amelioration of Gentamicin Nephrotoxicity by ATP-MgCl2 Treatment, Shock Society

Education & Training

Cornell University (1980)
Cornell University (1981)
University of North Carolina, North Carolina Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC, Vascular Surgery (1986 - 1987)
Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT, General Surgery (1981 - 1986)
Board Certification
Surgery, General, Board Certified  (1988)
Board Certification
Vascular Surgery, Board Certified  (1990)

Honors & Recognition

  • Honorary Fellow
    Philippine College of Surgeons (2002)
  • America’s Best Doctor
  • Best Doctors in New York
  • Top Docs in Connecticut
  • Best Doctors in New York
  • Research Achievement Award
    International College Angiology (1996)
  • American College of Surgeons Travelling Fellowship
    American College of Surgeons Australia and New Zealand Chapter (1996)
  • E. J. Wylie Travelling Scholar in Vascular Surgery
  • Schering Scholarship Award
    American College of Surgeons (1985-1986)
  • Runnerup - Young Investigators Award
    Shock Society (1983)

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