Nancy Hartman Ruddle PhD

Professor Emeritus of and Senior Research Scientist in Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases)

Departments & Organizations

Yale Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS): Immunology | MicrobiologyStem Cell Center, Yale: Tissue Specific Stem CellsCancer ImmunologyVascular Biology and Therapeutics ProgramLymphocyte Development | HTI | School of Public Health: Vaccine Group; Parasitology ProgramDiabetes Research CenterNIH T32 ProgramImmunology and Immunotherapy

Research Interests

Cell trafficking and inflammation in autoimmunity and lymphoid organ development more...


  • Ph.D., Yale University, 1968

Selected Publications

  • Liao, S., Bentley, K., Lebrun, M., Lesslauer, W., Ruddle, F.H, and Ruddle, N.H. (2007). Transgenic lacZ under control of hec-6st regulatory sequences recapitulates endogenous gene expression on high endothelial venules. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. (USA) 104:4577-4582.
  • Drayton, D.L., Liao, S., Mounzer, R.H., and Ruddle, N.H. (2006). Lymphoid organ development: from ontogeny to neogenesis. Nat. Immunol. 7:344-353.
  • Marta, C.B., Oliver, A.R., Sweet, R.A., Pfeiffer, S.E., and Ruddle, N.H. Pathogenic Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein Antibodies Recongize Glycosylated Epitopes and Perturb Oligodendrocyte Physiology. Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesUSA 102(38) 2005



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