How to Apply

The Yale PA Program Admission Process and How to Apply

The Yale PA Program utilizes a rolling admission process. This means that those who complete their applications first (verified CASPA application, including official GRE scores and three reference letters, and the supplementary application), are considered for early interviews and admission decisions.

Interviews for invited applicants are scheduled from mid-to late September through mid-December, depending on space availability. Therefore, we encourage applicants to submit their applications early in order to be considered for early interviews and decisions.  Because of our rolling admissions schedule, those who apply early in the admissions cycle are more likely to be interviewed than those who apply later.

1. Submit the CASPA Application

The Yale PA Program requires that all VERIFIED CAPSA applications must be received by October 1 through the on-line Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) program. Please visit the website at or call 617-612-2080 for more information.

Applications are reviewed once VERIFIED by CASPA and all required documents and an applicant's official GRE score have been submitted, as stated below.  It is the applicant's responsibility to confirm completion of the application by viewing his or her on-line CAPSA application.Please do not contact the PA Program to determine completeness.

The on-line CASPA application must:

  • show that all academic prerequisites are completed or will be completed by the October 1 application deadline. Be sure to send all transcripts to CASPA, including all per-requisite courses once completed so that CASPA can verify and calculate the pre-requisite courses GPA. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all official transcripts for "in progress" course work are received by the PA Program Admissions Office by the application deadline. Please do not send transcripts for coursework to the PA Program unless requested by the program.
  • include three letters of recommendation submitted to CASPA.These are usually written by someone who is familiar with the applicant's patient care experience. At least one recommendation must be submitted by a health care professional who has observed the applicant in either a volunteer or employment capacity. Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • a professor or another individual familiar with one's scholarship
  • a physician, physician assistant or other healthcare provider
  • another professional affiliate
If we do not receive three letters of recommendation by the application deadline, the application will be considered incomplete.

2. Submit the Supplemental Application - link here

Once an applicant has started his/her CASPA application and received a CASPA ID number, the applicant can submit the required supplemental application). A CASPA ID is required to create a supplemental application account. The supplemental application includes questions regarding the applicant's courses which meet our prerequisites and short essay questions. The supplemental application fee is $50.

3. Take Standardized Tests (GRE - send scores to CASPA); TOEFL, if required, send scores to the Yale PA Program 

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) official score is required of all applicants. We do not waive this requirement.

We strongly encourage all applicants to take the GRE early to ensure that the official scores are received by CASPA by our application deadline of October 1 and to obtain an early review of a completed application. All test scores are sent directly to an applicant's CASPA on-line application by ETS. An applicant must use the institutional code of 3983 when requesting GRE scores to be sent by ETS.  Official scores sent to other school codes will not appear on the applicant's Yale PA Program-designated application, resulting in an incomplete application. Re-applicants must also request ETS to send official scores again for future applications.

  • Please note that Yale University has several institutional codes for the GRE – in order for an applicant's CASPA application to include official GRE scores from ETS (the Educational Testing Service), the institution code of 3983 must be used.
  • More information regarding the GRE can be found at
  • Competitive applicants to the Yale PA Program score in the 50th percentile or higher on each section of the GRE exam.
TOEFL: For those whose first language is not English and who did not complete 4 years of undergraduate education in the United States, Canada or Great Britain, English language fluency examinations are required. Please see the International Students section for details. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure his/her application is complete with CASPA and ETS.

For more information, visit the Admissions FAQ