Stem Cell Research

Generation of neuronal progenitors derived from induced pluripotent stem cells.

  • Develop a repository of induced pluripotent cells (iPSC) by reprogramming somatic cells from patients with neurological & psychiatric disorders (Autism spectrum disorders, Tourette Syndrome, VCSF, other genetic disorders:)
  • Improvement in technical tools for optimal derivation of iPSC lines and NSC lines from humans and primates: lentiviral, episomal, RNA, others
  • Recapitulate neuronal development in vitro (optimization of differentiation protocols; tools to identify different CNS lineages; others)
  • Perform cellular, molecular, genetic, epigenetic and functional studies of undifferentiated/differentiated iPSC lines from different individuals (optimization of extraction of RNA/DNA from small number of cells; comparative studies of datasets from patients and controls)
  • Development of in vitro models for small molecules/drug screening for neuropsychiatric disorders