Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Jiangbing Zhou, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and of Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Jiangbing Zhou is an Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and of Biomedical Engineering. His research centers on developing translational nanomedicine and stem cell therapy for systemic treatment of neurological disorders, including brain cancer, stroke, and traumatic brain injury, through a unique combination of neuroscience, stem cell biology, and emerging nanotechnology. The ultimate goal of Zhou lab research is to combine these advances to establish more effective methods to treat these...

Lab Members

Ann Chen

PhD Candidate

Zeming Chen

Postdoctoral Associate

Gang Deng

Postdoctoral Associate

Fengyi Du

Visiting Associate Professor

Fuyao Liu

Postdoctoral Associate

Jun Liu, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Neurosurgery

Junning Ma

Postgraduate Fellow

Peng Wu

Postgraduate Fellow in Neurosurgery

Shenqi Zhang

Visiting Assistant Professor

Yu Zhou

Postgraduate Fellow

Pan Zou

Postgraduate Fellow