Rimm Lab Links

Useful links to commonly-used applications.


File-sharing service for easy access to shared Rimm lab documents, like the lab jobs list, freezer inventories, training packet, protocols and more.
Please note:   Dropbox is NOT to be used to store or transmit ePHI!

eShipGlobal at Yale

Yale's online program to facilitate creation of airbills and package pickup from major carriers, both domestic and international.  Biological shipment information is sent automatically to Environmental Health & Safety for approval, and all necessary labels are provided for easy compliance with state and federal shipment regulations.

YalePath's iCal

Online calendar resource, used by the Rimm Lab for equipment signup (PM1 & 2 machines).


Quartzy is a free online lab management tool, which hosts equipment signup and protocols, along with order and inventory tracking.  Please use Quartzy to submit all orders to the lab manager, and please also sign up for PM3 and PM4 on Quartzy.


SciQuest is Yale's online catalog ordering system, which allows for external catalog punchout, ordering within the Yale catalog/preferred vendors, and placement of non-catalog orders.