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6/2/2017 12:30 PM SHM C428 Research in Progress Meeting Becky Carlyle (Nairn)
A Proteomic Survey of the Postnatal Human Brain
Sreeganga Chandra Protein Palmitoylation and Neurodegeneration

8:00 AM


3:20 PM

Institute for Excellence 

Room #157

300 George St.

Advisory Board Meeting

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3/15/13 Noon CMHC W212 Progress Meeting

Lakshmi Devi  
(Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai/Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics, Neuroscience, Psychiatry) 

Morphine Regulated Synaptic Networks using an Integrated Proteomics and Network Analysis Approach.

Samuel Sathyanesan


Cerebrospinal fluid proteomics in depression and a comparative analysis of the choroid plexus.

12/9/11 Noon CMHC W212 Progress Meeting

Maria Morabito 
(U. Mass. Medical School/Cell Biology & Neuroscience)

Cdk5 regulates PSD-95 ubiquitination in neurons.

Michelle Pirruccello
(De Camilli Lab)
(Cell Biology)

A new protein interaction surface on OCRL, a protein whose dysfunction produces Lowe syndrome.

9/23/11 Noon CMHC W212 Progress Meeting

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Sreeganga Chandra 
(Neurology & Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology) 


Systematic Proteomics Identifies Novel Clients of the Presynaptic Co-chaperone CSP alpha.

A.J. Robinson

(Nestler Lab)

Cocaine engages a feed forward loop involving DeltaFosB and CaMKII in the nucleus accumbens.

6/3/11 Noon CMHC W212 Progress Meeting

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George Craft
(Naim Lab) (Psychiatry/Pharmacology)

"Ubiquitin Neuroproteomics."

Thomas Biederer (Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry)

"Proteomics of synaptogenic adhesion complexes."

4/1/11 Noon CMHC W212 Progress Meeting

Tu Lam
(Keck Lab)

"Protein post translational modifications: from sample preparation to interpretation of results."

Arthur Simen

"Insights into vulnerability during post-natal development and late life using label-free and multiple reaction monitoring proteomics."

1/7/11 Noon CMHC W212 Progress Meeting

Chris Colangelo
(Keck Lab)

"Global Targeted Proteome Analysis."

Matt Fleming

"Phosphorylation regulates gating and channel-protein interaction in the Slack KNa channels."

11/5/10 Noon CMHC W212 Progress Meeting

Jesse Rinehart
(Cellular & Molecular Physiology)

"From kinase-substrate discovery to kinome wide profiling via quantitative MS."


Drew Kiraly
(UCONN Health Center, Neuroscience)


"Kalirin 7 as a PSD signaling mode."

2/12/2010 12:30 PM CMHC W212 Kick-Off Meeting

Ken Williams
Angus Nairn

"Center Overview and Pilot Project Grant Announcement."

 Core Directors 

"Protein Profiling/ Biophysics,  Protein PTM's,

Targeted Proteomics."