Gretchen Kimberly Berland MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Research Summary

Understanding the patient’s perspective, particularly in the context outside of the clinical arena is an essential, though often overlooked, component of the doctor–patient relationship. Is currently studying the perspective of the individual wheelchair user with communications technologies and several qualitative methods. Also interested in using video to study health care delivery in the emergent medical setting, specifically medical codes and operative traumas. Developing a seminar series on the role of media and medicine with the Yale Clinical Scholars Program.

Selected Publications

  • Berland, G., Elliott, M., Morales, L. “Health Information on the Internet: Accessibility, Quality, and Readability in English and Spanish.” JAMA. 285 (20): 2612-2621. 2001 May.
  • Berland, G., Morales, L., Elliott, M. "A Report on the Quality of Health Information on the Internet.” RAND Health. May 2001.
  • Rolling (life in a wheelchair). A 71 minute feature length documentary that has been widely acclaimed for providing unique patient-centered perspectives into the lives of wheelchair users.
  • Maintaining Independence with Dignity: Perspectives from the Wheelchair.” A 90 minute documentary produced by Gretchen Berland and Michael Majoros.
  • WGBH Television for PBS Primetime. “Condition Critical.” A two-hour special on health care reform
  • MacNeil/Lehrer for PBS & NBC. “Hard Choices” and “A Time For Change.” A series on health care issues.
  • ¦GBH Television for the NOVA Series. ¦“Race For The Superconductor” "Chaos” “The Controversial Dr. Koop” “Can The Elephant Be Saved?” “Confessions of a Weaponeer” “Death of Star” “A Hole In The Sky”

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