TuKiet T Lam PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry; Director, FT-ICR MS Resource; Associate Research Scientist/S

Research Interests

Proteomics; Protein post-translational modifications (PTM); small molecule identification and quantification; high resolution mass spectrometry; LC MS/MS; FT-ICR

Selected Publications

  • Xu J.; Chatterjee M.; Baguley TD.; Brouillette J.; Kurup P.; Ghosh D.; Kanyo J.; Zhang Y.; Seyb K, Ononenyi C.; Foscue E.; Anderson GM.; Gresack J.; Cuny GD.; Glicksman MA.; Greengard P.; Lam, TuKiet T.; Tautz L.; Nairn AC.; Ellman JA.; Lombroso PJ. PLoS Biol. (2014) Aug 5;12(8), pp:e1001923.
  • Tellez, L.A.; Medina, S.; Han, W.; Ferreira, J.G.; Licona-Limon, P.; Ren, X.; Lam, TuKiet T.; Schwartz, G.J.; and de Araujo, I.E. A gut lipid messenger links excess dietary fat to dopamine deficiency, Science, (2013) 341, pp.800-802.
  • Antinone, S.E.; Ghadge, G.D.; Lam, TuKiet T.; Wang, L.; Roos, R.P.; and Green, W.N. Palmitoylation of superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) is increased for familial ALS-linked SOD1 mutants, JBC, (2013) 288, pp.21606-21617.
  • Bansal, N.; Zhang, M.; Bhaskar, A.; Itotia, P.; Lee, E.; Shlyakhtenko, L. S.; Lam, TuKiet T., Fritz, A.; Berezney, R.; Lyubchenko, Y. L.; Stafford, W.F.; and Thapar, R. Assembly of The SLIP1-SLBP Complex on Histone mRNA Requires Heterodimerization and Sequential Binding of SLBP Followed by SLIP1, Biochemistry, (2013) 52, pp.520-536.
  • Krishnan, N.; Lam, TuKiet T.; Fritz, A.; Rempinski, D.; O’Loughlin, K.; Minderman, H.; Berezney, R.; Marzluff, W.F.; and Thapar, R. The Prolyl isomerise Pin1 Targets SLBP to Dissociate the SLBP-Histone mRNA Complex Linking Histone mRNA Decay with SLBP Ubiquitination, Molecular and Cellular Biology, (2012) 32, pp.4306-4322.
  • Marin, E.; Derakhshan, B.; Lam, TuKietT.; Davalos, A.; and Sessa, W.C. "Endothelial Cell Palmitoylproteomic Identifies Novel Lipid-Modified Targets and Potential Substrates for Protein Acyl Transferases / Novelty and Significance." Circulation Research, (2012) 110(10): pp. 1336-1344.
  • Bianchetta, M.J.; Lam, TuKiet T.; Jones, Stephen N.; and Morabito, Maria A. Cyclin-Dependent Kinas 5 Regulates PSD-95 Ubiquitination in Neurons, Journal of Neuroscience, (2011) 31, Iss.33, pp. 12029-12035.
  • Fogel, Adam I.; Li, Yue; Giza, Joanna; Wang, Qing; Lam, TuKiet T.; Modis, Yorgo; and Biederer, Thomas, N-glycosylation at the SynCAM immunoglobulin interface modulates synaptic adhesion. Journal of Biological Chemistry, (Cover Article), (2010), 285, No.45, pp.34864-34874. PMC2966101.
  • Patel, Jayesh C.; Hueffer, Karsten; Lam, TuKiet T.; and Galán, Jorge E, Diversification of a Salmonella effector protein function by ubiquitin-dependent differential localization, Cell, (2009), Volume 137, Issue 2, pp.283 - 294. PMC2673707.
  • Lanman, Jason; Lam, TuKiet T.; Barnes, Stephen; Emmett, Mark R.; Marshall, Alan G.; Sakalian, Michael; Prevelige Jr., Peter E., Identification of Novel Interactions in HIV-1 Capsid Protein Assembly by High-resolution Mass Spectrometry, Journal of Molecular Biology (Cover article), (2003) 325, pp.759-772.


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