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About Us

We maintain and consult on the broad archival diagnostic and educational neuropathology specimens of YNHH and other sources from 1951-1996. We also make available other unusual specimens collected by our team according to APHIS guidelines as well as preservation of irreplaceable materials.

Our team contributes to the development of rational policies for agricultural and medical practices such as those involving the national blood supply. (LM is a member of the FDA TSE advisory committee and has served on an advisory panel on Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders to the Us Department of Health).

In addition, we:

  • Instruct individuals on how to limit their exposure to TSEs in the laboratory, hospital and other settings.
  • Support and expanding Neurovirology & Neurosciences in the Medical School and University.
  • Educate and train physicians and researchers in and outside of the USA in diagnostic and experimental neuropathology.