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Our Faculty


  • Walter Longo

    Section Chief

    Professor of Colon & Rectal Surgery (Gastrointestinal); Chief, Section of Gastrointestinal Surgery; Director, Colon and Rectal Surgery; Director of Surgical Education

    Walter E Longo, MD, MBA , FACS, FASCRS, is chief of Colon and Rectal Surgery at Yale School of Medicine, and one of five Yale surgeons who is board-certified specifically in colorectal cancer. He earned his medical degree from New York Medical College. He is fellowship trained and is a Board Certified General Surgeon and a Board Certified Colon and Rectal Surgeon.

    Dr. Longo is committed to providing patients with the highest standards for the diagnosis and medical and surgical management of the diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus using minimally invasive techniques. Watch a video with Dr. Walter Longo >>

    He specializes in screening and management of colon cancer; rectal cancer; anal cancer; sphincter preserving surgery; transanal removal of cancer; diverticulitis; inflammatory bowel disease; stricturoplasty; bowel resection; ostomy; polyposis syndromes and adenomatous polyps; hemorrhoids; fissures; fistulas; anal abscesses; disorders of continence; and pelvic floor disorders.


  • Hulda Einarsdottir

    Assistant Professor of Surgery (Gastrointestinal)

    Hulda Einarsdottir, MD is a Board Certified Colon & Rectal Surgeon. She earned her medical degree from the University of Iceland. Dr. Einarsdottir was accepted for residency training in General Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine and subsequently completed her fellowship training in Colon & Rectal Surgery at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation, New Orleans. Watch a video with Dr. Hulda Einarsdottir >>

    Dr. Einarsdottir's clinical interests include management of both malignant and benign colorectal diseases. These include colon cancer, rectal cancer, hereditary polyposis, and anal cancer; inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), that is Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis; and benign colon and rectal disorders, such as diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, abscess, and fistula. She also specializes in the management of female and male pelvic floor disorders, such as fecal incontinence, anal sphincter injury, rectal prolapse, and rectocele. Dr. Einarsdottir performs laparoscopic and reconstructive surgery.

    Dr. Einarsdottir is the director of the Yale Surgical Simulation Center, where residents are taught laparoscopic, robotic, and open surgical skills through computerized and manual simulations.

    Learn more about one of Yale Colon & Rectal surgery's surgeons.

  • James Frederic Passarelli

    Instructor (Clinical) of Surgery (Gastro -Bariatrics)

    Dr. James Passarelli was born in New Haven CT and attended the Hopkins School and Tufts University. He graduated from New York Medical College in 1989 and did his surgical training at UPSTATE in Syracuse NY. His specific interests include laparoscopic surgery, hernia repairs and colon and rectal surgery.

  • Vikram Reddy

    Assistant Professor of Surgery (Gastrointestinal); Surgical Director of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program, Gastrointestinal Surgery

    Vikram Reddy, MD, PhD, is a fellowship-trained colon and rectal surgeon. His goal is to help individuals have managed relief from chronic inflammatory bowel disease and its painful symptoms. He has extensive experience in the laparoscopic management and screening of anorectal cancer.

    He specializes in advanced laparoscopic management of colon and rectal diseases; screening and laparoscopic management of colon cancer; screening and management of rectal cancer (including laparoscopic sphincter preserving surgery and Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEMS); laparoscopic management of complicated or uncomplicated diverticulitis; management of inflammatory bowel disease (including laparoscopic bowel resection and ostomy, laparoscopic proctocolectomy, and J-pouch for ulcerative colitis); laparoscopic management of polyposis syndromes and disorders of continence.