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Panel of medical professionals skewers Texas and Alabama actions against transgender health care; separate study finds most children who transition stick with their choice

The opinion of the Texas attorney general and a new Alabama law — both seeking to criminalize health care for transgender youth — are based on either blatant lies for political purpose or the use of outdated and discredited evidence, according to a panel of medical professionals who specialize in the care of gender dysphoria and pediatrics.

Source: Baptist News Global
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  • New Report Refutes Flawed Science of Texas and Alabama Transgender Legal Actions

    A major new report by legal and medical experts from Yale Law School, the Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Center and Departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, and the University of Texas Southwestern analyzes in depth the misleading scientific claims that informed recent actions by Texas and Alabama to criminalize medical treatment for transgender youth.

    Source: Yale Law School
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  • Ariadna Forray, MD and Kim Blenman, PhD, MS Take the Helm at MORE

    The new co-directors of Minority Organization for Expansion and Retention (MORE), Ariadna Forray, MD, associate professor of psychiatry, and Kim Blenman, PhD, MS, assistant professor of medicine (medical oncology) and assistant professor of computer science, have been active participants in the organization and benefited from its programs and resources. They describe MORE as an essential place at Yale School of Medicine for connecting with other faculty who share their backgrounds and experiences. Now, they say, they hope to expand its reach.

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  • Keeping The Faith

    Jeannette Marty is a familiar face at Smilow Cancer Hospital. Her multidisciplinary care team has supported her through many challenges over the last 15 years. Ms. Marty’s resolute faith, resiliency, and optimism continually inspire those at Smilow who have traveled alongside her on her long and difficult health journey.

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