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Cedarhurst School

What is Cedarhurst School?

Cedarhurst School is a private therapeutic junior and senior high school, serving grades 6-12, operated by Yale University. It offers a structured and supportive learning environment for students identified as ED and OHI.

Goals for Cedarhurst Students

  • Academic achievement
  • Social and emotional development
  • Staying in school
  • Returning to the home school district when appropriate
  • Graduation from high school
  • College or productive employment

Characteristics of the Program

Cedarhurst offers both mainstream programs (students move from classroom to classroom) and self-contained programs for students requiring more intensive, ongoing academic instruction and behavioral interventions. Academic course schedules are tailored to meet the credit requirements of the referring school. Students learn in an atmosphere that fosters attention, concentration, and the organizational skills necessary for academic success. Providing small classes with a maximum of eight students allows students who have failed to adapt to other settings to thrive academically, emotionally and socially in our nurturing environment. A clinician is assigned to each student providing therapeutic interventions and individual meetings as needed. The staff consists of a director, certified special education teachers, a nurse, licensed clinical social workers and other trained support staff. The referral process includes an interview and shadow visit(s) to determine appropriateness for either program.

The Role of the Parent

Parents are encouraged to attend PPT's and Open Houses/Teacher conferences. They should maintain close phone contact with the social worker and advisor to assist in problem-solving and implementation of plans of action. Parents are important members of the team, working in the best interests of the student.