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  • Doctors’ Notes

    Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 has “thick orchestration,” conductor Robert Smith says. “The brass parts are really high up. They go fast and you have to double tongue and triple tongue. The strings are up in seventh position… The woodwinds have such difficult rhythm.” It’s a challenging master work, not something a community orchestra would ordinarily take on. But the Yale Medical Symphony Orchestra is no ordinary community orchestra.

    Source: Daily Nutmeg
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  • Doctors Hone Their (Musical) Practice

    The Yale Medical Symphony Orchestra (YMSO), a group of around 50 doctors, researchers, translators, postdocs, and current students from Yale University’s medical campus that congregate every Thursday to practice, and were hard at work this past Monday for a special rehearsal.

    Source: New Haven Independant
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  • Math is Music

    Yale Medical Symphony Orchestra makes art from algorithms

    Source: The Arts Paper
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  • YMSO: The ‘musical soul’ of the medical community

    When the Yale Medical Symphony Orchestra (YMSO) has its next public performance this evening, the stage will be mostly dark, and the music predominately “spooky.” For the first time since the YMSO was founded in 2008, the group will present a Halloween concert, featuring music with eerie elements by composers including Saint-Saëns, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Grieg, and Ives.

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  • If you rent timpani …

    Lynn T. Tanoue, M.D., studied the violin through childhood, high school, and college. She played as a student at the School of Medicine in the late 1970s, alongside undergraduates in the Yale Symphony Orchestra and in a New Haven community orchestra.

    Source: Medicine@Yale
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  • Striking a chord

    In mid-December about 90 musicians—students and faculty in medicine and public health—took the stage in Harkness Auditorium with their strings, woodwinds and brass

    Source: Yale Medicine Magazine
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