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Yale Pathology Celebrates Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

April 25, 2022

For the many medical professionals who quietly go about their jobs every day while doing important work in the laboratories throughout Yale’s department of pathology, it’s all about one thing—the patient.

In recognition of Medical Laboratory Professionals Week April 24-30, the leadership of Yale Pathology shares its gratitude to the many members of our laboratory teams who go above and beyond to ensure the labs in Yale Pathology provide quality and expert work.

"Our clinical mission relies on the professionals working in our laboratories," said Chen Liu, MD, PhD, Chair of Yale Pathology. "We are fortunate to have laboratory professionals who have a passion for healthcare, clinical technology, and medical research."

“Everyday, the professionals in our labs perform amazing diagnostic work in service of others,” said Angelique W. Levi, MD, Vice Chair of Pathology, and Director, Yale Pathology Outreach Program. “Please join me in celebrating Medical Laboratory Professionals Week and in recognizing the astounding work our laboratory professionals do.”

Sylvia White, a clinical technologist who works in the Yale Pathology COVID Lab doing COVID testing and DNA sequencing, likes that her work helps others. “It’s been really great to get a chance to work in the covid lab and make a direct impact during this global pandemic,” she said.

Our clinical mission relies on the professionals working in our laboratories

Chen Liu, MD, PhD, Chair of Yale Pathology

For Philip Galullo, Jr., a cytologist working in the Yale Pathology Cytology Lab, understanding the anxiety a patient may be experiencing while awaiting a test result is what drives him to his best. “When you’re the patient, you feel a certain way about it. But when you’re the healthcare giver, you feel another way about it, so you’re able to sympathize with people wanting the results,” he said. “You want to give them the best, most efficient results you can.”

The work Clinical Technologist Samantha St. Clair does in the Yale Pathology Immunohistochemistry Lab helps oncologists decide the best course of treatment for a patient with cancer. “You’re actually helping the doctor to get the answer of how to treat the patient and what the patient has,” she said.

Medical laboratory professionals are an essential part of the Yale New Haven Health System and Yale School of Medicine, providing essential expertise and service. Join us this week in recognizing the important work they do.

Submitted by Terence P. Corcoran on April 25, 2022