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Members of the Division of Reproductive Sciences conduct basic and/or translational research on reproductive health and disease in areas of special emphasis that include Uterine Biology; Pregnancy Sciences; Ovarian and Gamete Biology; Cancer Biology; Endocrinology and Metabolism; Neuroscience; and Cardiovascular Physiology.

An important function of the Division is to facilitate training and learning opportunities. There are numerous mentorship opportunities within the Division for individuals interested in getting or building upon experience in basic and/or translational research. Faculty in our Division regularly mentor high-school students, undergraduate students, medical students, post-graduate trainees, post-doctoral fellows, Ob/Gyn residents, and clinical sub-specialty fellows, as well as junior faculty through lab-based research projects.

The Division of Reproductive Sciences offers several programs that are designed to meet the needs and interests of all its members, as well as fostering the research aspirations of students and trainees at the University and Medical School. These include but are not limited to: the Women’s Reproductive Health Research (WRHR) Career Development Program for Ob/Gyn physician-scientists; the Discovery to Cure Internship Program for high-school students; the Ob/Gyn Resident Research Program; and clinical sub-specialty Fellowship Research.
All medical students at Yale School of Medicine engage in research as part of their thesis requirement for graduation. Faculty members in the Division enthusiastically support student research and serve as mentors for medical students during summer research training and the optional 5th Year Medical Student Research Fellowship.

Faculty in the Division of Reproductive Sciences are also actively involved in undergraduate education at Yale University, serving as mentors for lab-based research for academic credit and/or experience and as instructors for the Biology of Reproduction and Development lecture (MCDB 250) and laboratory (MCDB 251L) course run by the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Development Biology. Upon graduation, those with undergraduate degrees can apply for postgraduate positions, short term training positions for those seeking to gain research experience prior to graduate or medical school. Those interested in post-graduate training can search for open positions.

Clinical Observers

Students, physicians, and other trainees who come to the Department to participate in research often ask if they can observe in the clinical setting. The Hospital has special policies in place for all people in the clinical setting.

Medical students may formally apply to do clinical electives for credit of one-month duration each through Yale School of Medicine.
Click here to check eligibility.

Students from schools within Connecticut may contact VSAS Coordinator, Lorraine Roseman. Due to Covid restrictions, we are not allowing applications from students at schools outside of Connecticut.

International: Due to Covid restrictions, we are not allowing applications from students at schools outside of the United States.

Residents from select partner institutions may apply to do visiting rotations for credit through the House Staff Office. Contact Karen Broderick.