Our research group focuses on developing translational nanomedicine, gene therapy, and stem cell therapy for treatment of neurological disorders through a unique combination of material science, biology, and engineering. For more information about our research, please check the Research section.

2018 -  Associate Professor, Yale University
2012-2018 Assistant Professor, Yale University
2008-2012 Postdoctoral Associate/Associate Research Scientist, Yale University
2008  PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Current and Past Funding Support

We thank the following for their current and past support of our research.

NIH/NINDS, NIH/NCI, NIH/NIBIB, NIH/NCATS, Connecticut Innovations, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Gilbert Family Foundation, American Brain Tumor Association, Patrys Limited, Matthew Larson Foundation, TheCureStartNow Foundation, Swebilius Foundation, VABC Foundation, and B*CURED foundation.

Principal Investigator

Jiangbing Zhou, PhD

Associate Professor Term