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Relationship Stress Study

Racial/ethnic Differences in Daily Dynamics of PTSD, Sexual-Risk & Substance Use

(This ongoing study is funded by National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse R01 DA031275 to Dr. Sullivan)

This ongoing project addresses the critical need to determine mechanisms through which IPV is related to increased drug, alcohol, and tobacco use and risky sexual behavior in order to develop and tailor integrated intervention and prevention strategies to the unique needs of this population.

The short-term objective is to evaluate contingencies among PTSD symptom severity by cluster, substance use, and risky sexual behavior and to determine if these contingencies differ by racial/ethnic group. Because integrated interventions for this special population are more effective, the long-term objective is to develop integrated intervention and prevention strategies addressing symptoms of PTSD, substance use, risky sexual behavior, and IPV-related problems to be implemented in community settings.