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Research Interests

My lab has a strong translational theme and has two main directions:

1) development of new quantitative approaches to pathology and their use to classify tumors by prognosis or predict response to cancer therapy (cancer tissue biomarker research); and

2) the molecular analysis of growth factor receptors and signaling in new model systems.

Studies fall into three groups:

Group 1: Translational studies using tissue microarray technology and AQUA (automated quantitative analysis) to apply basic molecular observations and tools to diagnostic problems in pathology.  Main topics include predicting response to therapy in breast cancer and predicting metastasis in breast and lung cancer and melanoma.

Group 2: The development of new tumor modeling tools (conditionally reprogrammed cells) related to primary culture of breast and lung cancer from neoplastic and pre-neoplastic tissue.

Group 3: The study of biospecimen science and the quantification of subjective parameters used in the practice of pathology.