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Research Interests

Our current and future research is organized around two complementary areas of investigation – 1) understanding how chromatin states are established and read to accurately deploy functional gene regulation in germ cells, and 2) defining dynamic changes in epigenetic states throughout germ cell development, including the oocyte-to-embryo transition. These research directions will uncover fundamental new mechanisms of genetic regulation and reveal causal relationships between chromatin state, gene expression and cellular function.

  • We recently developed a versatile, reproducible protocol to isolate germ nuclei at a scale that permits genomic analyses.

  • piRNAs are small noncoding RNAs primarily expressed in the gonad that play an essential role in maintaining genome integrity in many species.

  • Beyond the studies in the lab focused on germline gene regulatory mechanisms, we have long been key members of multiple consortia (modENCODE, modERN) dedicated to systematic identification of functional elements in the worm genome.

Lab Protocols

Click the links below to see protocols used by this lab: