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Gary Bellinger

Lab Manager - Politi Lab; Lab Manager, Research Associate II-MS, MEDCCC Research Affairs/YCC

Contact Information

Gary Bellinger


Specialist of Rodent Surgery and Therapeutic Intervention.

Leads highly specailized mouse surgeries including the transplantation of tumors from one mouse to another. Utilize pharmacological, physiologicol, and/or surgical techniques in small animals. Use pharmacologicol tools in preclinical animal models to evaluate in vivo efficacy and tolerability (includes study design, animal handling, dosing via numerous routes, blood and tissue sampling and data collection, analysis, and interpretation).

Education & Training

  • Specialist in Rodent Surgery
    Weill Cornell Medical Center (2013)
  • Senior Research Associate II
    Harvard Medical School (2012)
  • Senior Associate Scientist
    Pfizer Global Research & Development (2008)
  • Research Associate
    Yale School of Medicine (2007)
  • BS
    Southern CT State University, Biology (1999)

Departments & Organizations