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Welcome to the Kim Lab

About Us

Brain hemorrhages, traumatic brain injury, and strokes are devastating injuries that instantly change the lives not only of the affected individual but also their family and friends. Even worse, some individuals continue to suffer complications from their injuries either in the hospital, like with delayed strokes, or years later, like with epilepsy. Our lab is focused on investigating how to predict the individuals that are at greatest risk for these additional – or “secondary” – complications, so that we can ultimately develop treatments to prevent them from happening.

Our research focuses on integrating multimodal data, including early EEG and MRI biomarkers, that improve prediction of short- and long-term complications after severe acute brain injuries, such as subarachnoid hemorrhage, brain trauma, and ischemic stroke. We are applying novel computational methods to the data gathered within the neurologic intensive care unit to predict patients who are at high risk for further injury. Our goal is to use these predictions to optimize treatment strategies that prevent these complications.

Open Positions

Yale Neurology Postgraduate Clinical Research Associate

Dr. Jennifer Kim is recruiting a Research Associate to join her critical care neurophysiology group. We are interested in all aspects of the management of patients with brain trauma and other acute neurologic injuries, novel biomarkers, and imaging techniques for brain injury, neurologic outcome assessments, and more.

To be considered for the position, please complete the Google form application.

If you are a student interested in rotating over the semester or the summer, please email Dr. Kim