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Grutzendler Lab

Our knowledge of the complex interplay between the various brain cell types is still rudimentary. Our laboratory is interested in understanding cell-cell interactions between neuronal and non-neuronal cells in health and disease, with a particular emphasis on cellular, molecular, and neural network mechanisms of neurodegeneration. Recent innovations in live imaging and optical probes are allowing sophisticated interrogation of the structural and functional cellular changes that occur in pathological processes. Our approach is to apply to and develop such methodologies to advance the understanding of the multicellular interactions in the native microenvironment and during homeostatic perturbations. This imaging-centric approach is combined with the use of viral vectors and in utero electroporation, optical sensors of cellular physiology, optogenetics, chemogenetics and genome editing techniques. We also have projects aimed at the development of potential therapies for neurodegenerative and microvascular pathologies.