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Mia Daucourt

Postdoctoral Fellow

Mia Daucourt is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Gruen lab. She graduated from Florida State University with a PhD in Developmental Psychology. Dr. Daucourt studies individual differences in academic achievement using advanced methods that are focused on aligning research questions to the methods employed. She takes a bioecological, whole-child approach to building identification models for learning difficulties, considering the genetic, environmental, cognitive, affective, and neurological influences on academic achievement and school success. Her work before coming to Yale as a Postdoctoral Fellow focused on the home, school, and neighborhood environments and examining genetic influences using twin samples. She has joined the Gruen lab in Yale's Pediatrics Department to expand her model building to include biological data in the form of molecular genetic and neuroimaging measures to her development of empirically-driven early identification models for learning disabilities. In the Gruen lab, she is currently leading a project exploring the whole-brain functional connectivity of reading and language and its molecular genetic influences.