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The Digital Health Lab focuses on using Health Information Technology (HIT) to develop digital health tools to assist patients in making informed decisions about their care. The digital health tool, Patient Center Virtual Multimedia Interactive Informed Consent (VIC), uses virtual coaching to enhance patient understanding of medical procedures or clinical trials. VIC completed testing at the Yale Center for Asthma and Airways Disease (YCAAD).

Currently, the Digital Health Lab is working on a digital health tool to identify elder mistreatment and assist and empower older adults with self-disclosure of mistreatment. The project is called Virtual cOaching in making Informed Choices on Elder Mistreatment Self-Disclosure (VOICES).

The Digital Heath Lab also developed an integrated model system to train and retain a high-quality PCA workforce in Michigan. The model system, Integrated Model for Personal Assistant Research and Training (IMPART), will create a larger and more adept PCA workforce to protect a rapidly aging population.

Additionally, with a team of collaborators, the Digital Health Lab worked on a project to alleviate the health repercussions of elder abuse and neglect (EA/N). The Community Complex Case Response Team (C3RT) protects older adults by providing e-referrals, coordinated case management, and multi-sector service delivery for EA/N survivors and those at risk for EA/N.

In collaboration with MSU, the Digital Health Lab is using Health Information Technology to Prevent Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation. The team has developed a background check system to protect vulnerable populations. The Michigan Workforce Background Check System is being used to screen prospective employees seeking jobs in long-term care settings.

Mission Statement: "Our goal is to provide innovative and high-quality digital health tools to protect the most vulnerable members of society."