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Yale P2MED Center

The Center for Precision Pulmonary Medicine (P2MED)

Mission of P2MED

The Center for Precision Pulmonary Medicine (P2MED) aims to facilitate the application of precision medicine approaches to pulmonary, critical and sleep medicine.


Located at the section of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at the Department of Medicine. This center provides members of PCCSM with a framework to engage in applying ‘omics’ technologies to improve the diagnosis and management of human lung diseases with a focus on identifying patient molecular characteristics that allow more precise decisions with regard to the prevention, diagnosis and management.

The center provides access to Yale-PCCSM members cutting edge RNA and protein profiling technologies, including bulk and single cell RNAseq, moderate throughput RNA profiling using microarrays and nCounter, and significant experience in all technologies. The center also contains a dedicated analytic team titled: the Data Analysis Hub of P2MED. This unique resource serves as the hub for all quantitative approaches from traditional statistics, to bioinformatics and systems biology. The center contains dedicated faculty and staff, led by Dr. Xiting Yan who are experts in data analysis. In addition to faculty the Hub contains a computer lab with both powerful MAC, PC and Lynux workstations and servers and connections to Yale online storage solutions, and paralllel computing resources. The computers in this lab, as well as others have access to all of the software required for every aspect of pulmonary research, including the section research databases.