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Research Aim

The Program in Hospital Medicine aims to generate new knowledge that can be used to improve the care of hospitalized patients locally and nationally.

The program also strives to have our research meet the operational needs of Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale New Haven Health. Through this work, we endeavor to develop and evaluate novel care practices. While areas of research focus evolve over time, the current areas of interest for the Program include:

  • Evaluating utilization, processes, and outcomes associated with clinical pathways.
  • Improving inpatient care of patients with opioid use disorder (OUD).
  • Comparing processes of care and outcomes among patients cared for by hospitalists versus those cared for by medical sub-specialists.
  • Identifying optimal strategies of care in the post-hospital discharge period.
  • Characterizing clinical deterioration preceding transfer to higher levels of inpatient care.
  • Improving care transitions into, within, and out of the hospital setting

Selected Grants, Projects, and Bibliographies of Program faculty:

Sarwat Chaudhry, MD

Selected Grants


Christopher Sankey, MD

Accepted for Publication

Haghighat L, Israel H, Jordan E, Bernstein EL, Vargese M, Cherry B, Van Tonder R, Honiden S, Liu R, Sankey C. Development and Evaluation of Resident-Championed Point-of-Care-Ultrasound Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents. POCUS. 2021. Accepted for publication.

Selected Projects

  • Site lead for several multisite national studies in hospital medicine

Thilan Wijesekera, MD

In Press

Wijesekera, TP, Parsons, AS, Abdoler, EA, Trowbridge, RL, Durning, SJ, Rencic, JJ. Management Reasoning: A Toolbox for Educators. Acad Med. In Press.

Angela Kang-Giaimo, MD


Kang, A. The medical profession must address the injustices Black patients suffer. social media’s leading physician voice; 2020, Sep 21.

Sharon Ostfeld-Johns, MD