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Buprenorphine Algorithm & BNI

Buprenorphine Algorithm

Brief Negotiation Interview (BNI)

Raise The Subject

  • Establish rapport
  • Raise the subject of drug use
  • Assess comfort

Provide Feedback

  • Review patient’s alcohol and/or drug use and patterns
  • Make connection between AOD use and negative consequences; (e.g. impaired judgment leading to injury/unprotected sex/sharing needles)
  • Make a connection between AOD use and ED visit

Enhance Motivation

  • Assess readiness to change: One a scale 1 to 10 how ready are you to stop using, cut back or enroll in program?
    (Why didn’t you pick a lower number?)

Negotiate & Advise

  • Negotiate goal
  • Give advice
    • Summarize and complete referral/prescription form
    • Thank patient for their time


This website will provide the medical practitioner with didactic information, as well as the skills for performing screening, brief intervention and referral for patients who present with the entire spectrum of unhealthy alcohol use.

Project ASSERT

Project ASSERT (Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services, Education, & Referral to Treatment) is an innovative program of the Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH) Emergency Department that helps patients access drug & alcohol treatment services.