What to Expect

When you call the clinic, you will speak with our Nurse Manager or another member or our clinic staff, who will collect some basic information about your symptoms and history, and answer questions you may have about the Clinic and its operations.

If it seems like you would be a good match for our research program, you will be invited to make an appointment for an initial screening. At this screening, clinic personnel will collect more detailed information about your symptoms and history; we will seek to understand not only your OCD symptoms, but also other medical or psychiatric symptoms or conditions you may have, how the symptoms have affected your life, and what treatments you have tried in the past.

In most cases you will meet with one of the Clinic’s psychiatrists, who will review your case and may make some specific observations or recommendations regarding your care. Occasionally, due to schedule constraints, this is not possible until a subsequent visit. Clinic psychiatrists are happy to communicate any treatment recommendations they may have to your own psychiatrist or other physician. If you do not have an established psychiatrist or therapist, we can often give you some referrals of providers in the community.

If you seem a good match for one of our research studies, you will be asked to come back for one or more follow-up appointments. Patients coming into most studies need to complete some questionnaires and interviews and have a brief physical exam, electrocardiogram, and screening laboratory tests, to make sure that they have no medical conditions that might preclude their participation. You and the Clinic staff will then arrange one or more follow-up visits to do specific research protocols.

For many of our studies, we are able to pay research participants a small amount of money as a ‘thank-you’ for participation.