Departmental Ob/Gyn Community Faculty Practices

  • County ObGyn Group PC

    Physicians: Howard Simon, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Norman Ravski, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Scott Casper, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Ljiljana Plisic, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Adina Chelouche, MD, Assistant, Anna Tirado, MD, Clinical Instructor
    Certified Nurse Midwife: Carol Brekus-Watson
    (203) 777-6293 - 46 Prince St, Suite 403; New Haven, CT 06519

  • Greater New Haven Ob-Gyn Group PC

    Physicians: Vincent Lynch, MD, Clinical Professor, Randall Kaump, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Richard Moscarelli, MD, AssistantClinical Professor, Dawn Kopel, MD, Clinical Instructor Denise Tonzola, MD, Clinical Instructor, Asia Edusa, MD, Clinical Instructor, David Lima, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
    Certified Nurse Midwives: Janet Spinner, Margaret Withington, Pamela Delerme, Diane Presnick, Megan O'Connor
    (203) 787-2264 - 46 Prince Street, Suite 207; New Haven, CT 06519

  • Obstetrics, Gynecology & Menopause Physicians

    Physicians: Thomas Hanson, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Mary Jane Minkin, MD, Clinical Professor, Musa Speranza, MD, Clinical Instructor, Steven Fleischman, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Julia Cron, MD, Clinical Instructor, Michael Reel, MD, Clinical Instructor
    Certified Nurse Midwife: Ronald Krauss, Kristen Becker, C.N.M
    (203) 789-2011 - 40 Temple St; Suite 7A, New Haven, CT 06510

  • Obstetrics-Gynecology & Infertility Group P.C.

    Physicians: Lawrence Wartel, MD, Clinical Professor, Patricia Brines, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Kim Fletcher, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Rebecca Pringle, MD, Clinical Instructor, Natalie Adsuar, MD, Clinical Instructor, Caryn Bernier, MD, Clinical Instructor
    Certified Nurse Midwives: Tracy Wittreich, Elisabeth Hyde, Pam Townsend, Amanda Lendler, Amanda Cripe, Michelle Telfer
    (203) 562-5181 - 136 Sherman Ave, Suite 502; New Haven, CT

  • Generations Ob/Gyn

    Physicians: Craig Huttler, MD, Clinical Instructor, Maria Asis, MD, FACOG, Clinical Instructor, Joseph Grosso, MD, Clinical Instructor, Sean Flaherty, MD, PhD, FACOG, Assistant ClinicalProfessor, Beth Maloy, MD, Clinical Instructor, Ami Acharya, MD, MPH, FACOG Clinical Instructor, Kristan Aversa, MD, Clinical Instructor 
    (203) 562-6741 - 1435 Chapel St., New Haven, CT
  • Strong Women’s Health

    Physician: Ann M. Strong, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
    (203) 453-1859 – 705 Boston Post Rd., Suite C-7; Guilford, CT; 46 Prince Street Suite 401 New Haven, CT  06519  (203) 777-2900.

  • Roslyn Chosak, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
    (203) 562-5439 - 2 Church St. South, Suite 501; New Haven, CT 06519
  • Paul J. Coppola, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
    (203) 245-8035 - 145 Durham Rd, Unit #1, Madison, CT 06443
  • Ronald Cwik, MD, Associate Clinical Professor
    (203) 624-3165 - 2 Church St. South, Suite 414; New Haven, CT 06519
  • Emily Fine, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor and Mary Elizabeth Gillette, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
    (203) 230-2939 - 60 Washington Ave., Suite 201; Hamden, CT 06518
  • Susan Richman, MD, Associate Clinical Professor
    (860) 493-6575 - Summit Medical Center, 360 Market St., Hartford, CT 06120
  • Herbert Suesserman, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor
    New practice address
    (203) 397-3059 - (203-776-6610) - 100 York St Apt 12P, New Haven CT 06511
  • Mary Tse, MD, Clinical Instructor
    (203) 776-7458 - 136 Sherman Ave., New Haven, CT 06511
  • Maria Rhee, MD, Clinical Instructor
    (203) 248-7433 - 9 Washington Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518 and 677 South Main Street, Cheshire, CT 06410