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Our Core Facility has four S1000EX analyzers, two that detect 8 and two that detect 13 colors:
8 color cytometers are: STD-8 located in room 102F in Amistad building, and STD-8 TAC5 in TAC S533.
13 color cytometers are: STD-13 and STD-13+L(with loader option), both in TAC S613.

Stratedigm User ManualTransferring experiments

8-Color Cytometer

STD-8 George and STD-8 TAC5 8 color cytometers can detect the following:

from 488 nm/Blue laser
FITC 530/30
PE 580/30
PE-Texas Red 615/30
Propidium Iodide/PE-Cy5.5/PerCP 690/40
PE-cy7 740LP

from 405 nm/Violet and 640 nm/Red lasers
APC 676/29
APC-Cy7 740LP
Pacific Blue 445/60

13-Color Cytometer

STD-13 and STD-13+L (with loader option) cytometers
can detect the following:

from 488nm/Blue and 532 nm/Green lasers
FITC 530/55 with 532 notch filter
PE   580/30
PE-TexasRed 615/30
PE-Cy5 676/29
Propidium Iodide/Pe-Cy5.5/PerCP 690/40
PE-Cy7 740 LP

from 405 nm/Violet, 640 nm/Red lasers
AquaVia 530/55 notch
Pacific Orange 580/30
QDot 605 615/30
APC 676/29
AlexaFluor 700 690/40
APC-Cy7 740LP
Pacific Blue 445/60