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Christian Schlieker, PhD

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and of Cell Biology

Research in the Schlieker laboratory focuses on furthering our understanding of nuclear protein quality control, transport of viral particles across the nuclear membranes, and the relationship between nuclear membrane proteins and human disease.

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Postdoctoral Associate in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

Associate Research Scientist

Graduate Student

Graduate Student

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth Turner

Graduate student, 2011-2015

Rebecca Brown
Graduate student, 2011-2015

(now Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

April Rose
Graduate student, 2010-2015

(now Sr. Technical Writer/Editor, Shire Pharmaceuticals)

Stefanie Haeberle 
Undergraduate researcher, 2013/2014

(now HBIGS graduate student, University of Heidelberg)

Dorina Merker
Undergraduate researcher, 2012-2013

(now graduate student at ZMBH Heidelberg)

Markus Eisele
Undergraduate researcher, 2011-2012

(now graduate student at Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Germany)

Anna Steyer
Undergraduate researcher, 2011-2012
(now graduate student @ EMBL Heidelberg, Germany)

Ben VanGelder
Undergraduate researcher, 2011-2012

Naemi Luithle
Undergraduate researcher, 2010-2011
(now graduate student @ ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

Maria Jesus Olarte
Undergraduate researcher, 2010-2011
(now graduate student @ Harvard Medical School)

Hallie Rozansky
Undergraduate researcher, 2010-2011

(Medical School, UPenn)