Neuroscience Alumni

NameAffiliation(s)LabLinksE-mail Research
Michael AkinsINPGreermichael.akins@yale.eduCadherins in the developing olfactory system
Kazuto AtakaINPPieribonekazuto.ataka@yale.eduDevelopment of a genetically targetable optical reporter of membrane potential
Christopher BakerINPManuelidischristopher.baker@yale.eduMicroglial gene expression in Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Linda BiMD-PhD role of BEHAB/brevican in gliomas
Shari BirnbaumINPArnstenshari.birnbaum@yale.eduThe effect of protein kinase C and protein kinase A intracellular signaling mechanisms on prefrontal cognitive function during stress
Iris BonillaINPStrittmatteriris.bonilla@yale.eduSPRIAA is expressed by axotomized neurons and promotes axonal outgrowth
Jennifer BourneINPPieribonejennifer.bourne@yale.eduActin and actin-binding proteins in neurotransmission
Avis Brennan 
Christopher CantenerINPSigworthchristopher.cantener@yale.edu3-D reconstruction of the maxi K channel
Jennifer ChaoINPNestlerjennifer.chao@yale.eduCharacterization of the mouse adenylyl cyclase type VIII gene promoter: regulation by cAMP and CREB
Matt ColonneseINPConstantine-Patonmatthew.colonnese@yale.eduThe NMDA receptor as mediator of synaptic elimination in the developing superior colliculus
Doug DavisMD-PhDPieribonedouglas.davis@yale.eduVoltage-sensitive dye imaging of whisker-evoked responses in the mouse somatosensory system
Scott FloydINPDecamilliscott.floyd@yale.eduAmphiphysin: an aptly named molecule?
Darlene GabeauINPGreerdarlene.gabeau@yale.eduTargeting of pre- and post-synaptic proteins to granule cell dendritic spines
Julie GolombINPChunWebsitejulie.golomb@yale.eduNeural mechanisms of attention, working memory, and eye movements
Shannon GourleyINPTaylorshannon.gourley@yale.eduRole of amygdalohippocampal BDNF/GluR1 in persistent depressive-like behavior
Tadzia GrandpréINPStrittmattertadzia.grandpre@yale.eduNogo: A molecular determinant of axon growth and regeneration
Ming GuoINPDohlmanming.guo@yale.eduGpa1 signaling and its effectors
Elissa HalleimINPCarlsonelissa.hallem@yale.eduThe role of odorant receptors in odor coding
Sam HernandezINPKoleskesamuel.hernandez@yale.eduRole of Arg nonreceptor tyrosine kinase in synaptic plasticity
Ginger HoffmanINPDohlmanginger.hoffman@yale.eduModulation of heterotrimeric G protein signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisae
Richard HsuMD-PhDDumanrichard.hsu@yale.eduRole of the melanocortin-4 receptor in mediating drug reward
Chou HungINPRoechou.hung@yale.eduBrightness computation and inherent biases in cortical circuitry
Josh HunsbergerINPDumanjosh.hunsberger@yale.eduMining exercise regulated targets and determining their effects on animal models of depression and neurogenesis
Matt B. 
Takatoshi KarasawaINPLombrosotakatoshi.karasawa@yale.eduFrizzled-9 is activated by Wnt-2 and functions in Wnt/b-catenin signaling
Ji-Eun Vivo interactions of Nogo and Nogo receptor
Dilja KruegerINPNairndilja.krueger@yale.eduA role for reelin at the synapse; effects on synaptic signaling and behavior in cortex and hippocampus
Evelyn LambeINPAghajanianevelyn.lambe@yale.eduGlutamate release from thalamocortical terminals in frontal cortex: Differential mechanisms of modulation by nicotine and serotonin
Brian LipscombINPGreerbrian.lipscomb@yale.eduDifferential localization of glycoproteins in olfactory receptor neurons
Lou MarottiINPDohlmanlou.marotti@yale.eduRegulation of G protein signaling by post-translational protein modifications
John McGannINPBrownjohn.mcgann@yale.eduLate-spiking neurons in perirhinal cortex and the lateral nucleus of the amygdala: Properties, mechanisms, and functions
Paulette McRaeNeurobiologyMatthewspaulette.mcrae@yale.eduActivity-dependent regualtion of the perineuronal net component of the extracellular matrix
Nelson MedeirosINPForschernelson.medeiros@yale.eduRole of ERM in the rearrangement of the cortical actin structure of Aplysia growth cones
Becky Meier-KleinINPHowerebecca.meier-klein@yale.eduCan the lurcher mutation reveal the function of a conserved GluR protein sequence?
Ed MeloniINPDavisedward.meloni@yale.eduDopaminergic modulation of motor reflexes: Studies with the acoustic startle response in rats
Jed MeltzerINPConstablejed.meltzer@yale.eduTask-induced deactivation and the role of rhythmic slow activity in human cognition
Emily OsterweilINPMoosekeremily.osterweil@yale.eduRole of myosins in the nervous system
Angela PurcellINPCarewangela.purcell@yale.eduThe role of tyrosine kinases in different forms of plasticity in Aplysia californica
Reba RabensteinINPPicciottorebecca.rabenstein@yale.eduThe role of adducins, actin-regulating proteins, in synaptic plasticity
James SchaferINPRothmanvulture@evilscience.netMixture encoding in the olfactory bulb probed with fMRI
André SchmandkeINPStrittmatterandre.schmandke@yale.eduVisiting student from Germany
Antonio SchmandkeINPStrittmatterantonio.schmandke@yale.eduVisiting student from Germany 
Eric role of Collapsin-Response-Mediator-Protein (CRMP) in Sema3A signaling and axon guidance
Rob SearsINPDiLeonerobert.sears@yale.eduThe role of MCH signaling in the Nucleus Accumbens in reinforcing behaviors
Keith ShafritzINPShaywitz/Gorekeith.shafritz@yale.eduThe functional neural correlates of attention in ADHD and normal adolescents
Tamara factors in drug addiction: Mapping the roles of CREB and dFosB in neuroadaptation following chronic drug administration
Mike SingerINPShepherdmichael.singer@yale.eduOlfactory receptor proteins: Computer analysis to probe differential interactions with scent molecules
Caitlin SmithINPHowecaitlin.smith@yale.eduProperties of AMPA and kainate receptors in developing cerebellar granule cells in situ
Rebecca SteinerINPPicciottosteiner_rebecca@hotmail.comDrug self-administration in the mouse and the molecular consequences of nicotine in neurons
John StrumbosINPKaczmarekjohn.strumbos@yale.eduPotassium channel dysregulation in a mouse model of Fragile X syndrome
Mike SuttonINPCarewmichael.sutton@yale.eduBehavioral, cellular and molecular analysis of intermediate-term memory in Aplysia
Matt TownsendINPConstantine-Patonmatthew.townsend@yale.eduActivity dependent regulation of NMDA receptors
Nataliya UbohaINPPicciottonataliya.uboha@yale.eduIdentifying interacting partners of CaMKI via a yeast two-hybrid approach
Susheel VijayraghavanNeurobiologyArenstensusheel.vijayraghavan@yale.eduPhysiological actions and signaling mechanisms of dopamine D1-D5 receptor modulation of working memory circuitry in prefrontal cortex
Christian Von 
Jen Warner-SchmidtINPDumanjschmidt@mail.rockefeller.eduVascular Endothelial Growth Factor mediates neurogenic and behavioral responses to antidepressants
Mary WhitmanMD-PhD NeurobiologyGreermary.whitman@yale.eduAdult Neurogenesis: Neuronal Diversity, Migration and Integration into Synaptic Circuits
Dan WolfINPRusselldaniel.wolf@yale.eduOpiate addiction and neural plasticity: Regulation of neurotrophic intracellular signaling pathways by chronic morphine
Lei XuINPXulei.xu@yale.eduCharacterization of atrophin protein family using Drosophila model organism
Yvonne YangMD-PhDStrittmatteryvonne.yang@yale.eduThe role of Nogo, an inhibitor of neurite outgrowth, in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Ken YoonINPKeshishiankenneth.yoon@yale.eduDevelopmental plasticity at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction