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The Yale LISTEN Study

Become a partner in research

LISTEN is pioneering a new approach to research. Collaborate with study investigators to accelerate progress. Attend exclusive events. Be a part of a knowledge-sharing network of people experiencing symptoms of long COVID, post-vaccine syndrome (PVS), and associated conditions.

LISTEN stands for Listen to Immune, Symptom and Treatment Experiences Now.

The purpose of this study is to understand long COVID, PVS, and the corresponding immune responses by collecting information about symptoms and medical history from participants, as well as blood and saliva samples from some participants.

LISTEN members will be invited to take surveys and have the option of electronically connecting their electronic health records (EHR) through a secure system following industry standards of compliance, security, and privacy.

This is an exciting time to join LISTEN. As the work in the LISTEN study expands, the research team plans to focus on a certain set of common conditions associated with long COVID and PVS.

The benefits of joining LISTEN

LISTEN members can help promote a better understanding of long COVID and PVS with each contribution. The more knowledge the study generates, the faster we can identify potential therapies to help those living with these conditions.

LISTEN participants are invited to attend exclusive LISTEN events with the study’s principal investigators.

People who join LISTEN are treated with respect and considered to be research partners. As a LISTEN member, you will be encouraged to ask questions to the research team, share feedback, and make suggestions for the study. Your input can make a huge difference.


If you have any questions regarding the LISTEN Study, please email us at