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Current Funding

  1. Leducq Transatlantic ARTEMIS (arteriogenesis and metabolism) network. The goal of the network is to develop novel therapeutic approaches to heart and vascular diseases using molecular manipulations of arteriogenic and metabolic regulators. Participating laboratories include:
  1. NIH P01 HL107205 Molecular controls of arteriogenesis. The purpose of the PPG is to understand arterial formation during development and in adult settings. Participating laboratories include:
  1. NIH R01 HL53793 Angiogenesis and ischemia. These studies are focused on molecular mechanisms of fibroblast growth factors (FGF)-dependent regulation of vascular integrity and arteriogenesis.
  2. NIH R01 HL84619 Arterial branching morphogenesis. These studies are focused on the role of synectin regulation of arteriogenesis and arterial branching in development and in adult tissues.
  3. NIH R01 HL62289 Syndecan signaling in endothelial cells. The focus of this grant on syndecan-4 signaling. Two principle pathways being examined are the regulation of mTOR complex 2 assembly and Akt activation and Rac1 activation and cell motility.