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Navaratnam Lab

Associate Professor in Neurology, Neurobiology and Surgery

Clinical responsibilities

My clinical interests and responsibilities include hearing and balance, as well as stroke. I have a weekly clinic in the Hearing and Balance Center, where I see patients with a range of hearing and balance problems. For more details please see the Hearing and Balance Center's Website. I also attend on the in-patient and consult service at YNHH and I am a member of the YNHH stroke service, which provides 24/7 stroke coverage for Yale New Haven Hospital.


I am the director of the clinical neuroscience module for second-year medical students. I also direct a course on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neurological disease.

The research program in my laboratory focuses on two broad themes: We work on the molecular basis of a number of physiological phenomena related to the hearing and balance organs, as well as on regeneration in the auditory and vestibular system.